Don’t Lose Your Dream Job Because of a Poorly Written Application

Shaun Enders

As a staffing firm, we have the unique position of viewing thousands of resumes which is where most applicants focus their attention. We also get a chance to review thousands of applications, which can be judged just the same. Be sure to pay attention to your application…it just might make the difference in getting that offer!

Please take time to read what you write down on application forms. Here are some actual examples of what not to write: When listing strengths, an administrative assistant candidate wrote down “I’m usually punctual and don’t miss work unless necessary.

That response was not a selling point, when attendance and punctuality were stressed as priorities. When listing reasons for leaving, a manager wrote down “Our CEO is an unreasonable tyrant.” Your response should never be negative about your current manager or supervisor. It’s important to remember that your responses are being read by another manager or supervisor.

Many application forms ask you to list five words that describe you. Some words actually listed included: moody, frustrated, obsessive, angry, depressed or not a morning person. These answers obviously caused the candidates to be screened out. Words listed should be positive traits that would enhance your performance if hired.

If possible, ask employers if you can obtain the application form in advance. When you are filling out the information, ask yourself if you would be interested in interviewing or hiring you, if you were the employer. Take time to analyze if the answers you list on application forms are helping or hurting your chances of being hired. If it is an online application form if possible, print it out and complete the questions manually before you fill out and submit the online application. Read each response as if you were the hiring authority reviewing your answers.

You put a tremendous amount of work in to your resume, cover letters and identifying targets. You don’t want the application form to cause you to be screened out!

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