Employee Retention and the Role Human Resources Plays

Shaun Enders

One of the main concerns for HR executives is how to grow and maintain a high performing workforce with tightening resources.  Companies are cautious to add more resources when they often have fewer employees.  Corporations that utilize their employees to their fullest potential, will be the ones who succeed during these challenging economic times.

A nationwide recent poll found that only a mere 9% of Americans describe the relationship between employees and company executives/management as “extremely positive,” and 49% described the relationship as “lukewarm.”  The remaining employees described the relationship as “negative.”  Upon further interviews, only 10% of employees strongly agreed that their companies truly listened and cared about them as individuals.  Furthermore, only 9% completely trusted their employers.  This disconnect is not solely related to salary and benefits.  According to Rick Garlick, Ph.D., Director of Consulting and Strategic Implementation for Maritz Research, “Our research has shown that the extent to which they trusted their leaders to act consistently, were at least twice as important as salary and nearly three times as important as benefits in predicting the state of labor relations.”  This simply states that we are dealing with human beings.  It is crucial that HR executives are encouraging company leaders to key in on and exemplify caring, trust and consistent actions.

One great way to keep employees satisfied is through recognition.  When an employee is singled out for any positive situation, their overall attitude toward their company becomes much more positive.  Attitudes in general are contagious.  It is so important to keep “positive attitudes” growing and flourishing as often as possible.  Another great way to keep employees happy is by including them in the overall company goals.  This enables them to feel included in the “bigger picture.”  They now feel that they are part of the team!  A third way to increase motivation is to have a rewards program.  When employees feel they are paid on results, their work will be their best.  This ties into the recognition concept mentioned earlier.

Basically, employees want to feel cared about, trusted and consistent.  Through recognition, rewards and involving them in company goals are three simple ways to make a positive impact on your team!

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