Is Your Benefits Package Competitive?


Does Your Company Offer a Competitive Benefits Package?

It is no secret that it is a very competitive landscape when it comes to hiring top talent. One of the largest contributing factors to whether or not your offer stands out is your benefits package. At Transition Staffing Group, a San Diego staffing and recruitment agency, we can match you with the best possible candidate for your open position. An important part of the decision making process for candidates, however, comes down to the benefits package included in the offer. How does your company’s benefits package compare to your competitors?

What About Office Perks?

In the past, many companies could get away with offering office “perks” as part of a job offer as compensation in addition to their benefits package. Some “perks”, such as free drinks, ping pong tables, snacks, and beer cart Fridays, are no longer attractive to those remote workers who have been working from home, given they might plan to continue working from home. Now is the time to review your complete benefits package and discuss whether previous office perks are truly perks at all in the current environment.

Things Your Benefits Package Might Include:

If you would like your company to be more attractive and competitive among prospective new hires, look below to confirm you are providing some or all of these benefits:

  • Competitive salary for industry/location
  • Health insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, dental + vision care (all monthly premiums at least partially subsidized by the company)
  • 401k + matching
  • PTO – 3 weeks minimum
  • Paid holidays
  • Flexible schedule/ remote work offered
  • Healthy lifestyle incentives (gym membership stipend or reimbursement)
  • Continued education/ professional development stipend annually

Why is this so important? Benefits packages have become increasingly competitive, and influence which companies are sought after. The goal is to entice potential candidates and to give current employees incentive to remain loyal and stay with your company. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median number of employee tenure in 2020 was 4.1 years. Having competitive benefits might be more of an upfront cost for your business, but these benefits will help you to retain your best employees, keeping you from frequent turnovers. Employee turnover means you need to spend the money and resources rehiring and retraining new candidates. In fact, corporate tenure and lengthy employment records are some of the assets we look for in a candidate. Check out our full list of what we look for in a candidate and why people trust TSG for their staffing needs.

Find Top Quality Candidates

Having competitive benefits packages will help your job offer to stand out among your competitors, and will attract the right people for the job. Are you an employer trying to find quality candidates? Use our network to uncover exceptional talent. The candidates in our San Diego staffing and recruitment agency network have been fully-vetted and are highly qualified, so we are confident that you will find the perfect candidate for your open position.