What is Managing Up and how can it Benefit Your Career?


What is Managing Up and how can it Benefit Your Career?

If you are an employee who reports to a manager, then you understand the importance of the relationship between employees and managers. Like any other type of relationship, a manager-employee relationship is a two-way street and works best when both parties are working together to achieve their goals. Here at Transition Staffing Group we connect candidates with new employers and are very familiar with the importance of manager-employee relationships. Working together will make both of your lives easier and will help improve your working relationship, and a healthy work environment is important. That’s where “Managing Up” comes into play.

What is Managing Up?

“Managing Up” is the idea of being an exemplary employee and doing what you can to work with your manager and make their life easier. This process involves learning the ways your boss works, what his or her strengths and weaknesses are, and helping them to help you. Ultimately, if you respect your manager and go above and beyond to help them with their job, you will earn their respect and they will help you with your job. This will be mutually beneficial and will make both of your lives and jobs easier.

How can Managing Up Benefit Your Career?

Managing Up can have a positive impact on your career and your goals moving forward. Check out our open job placement positions if you are making a career change. First of all, Managing Up helps to create a natural bond with your manager and a very healthy work environment. People tend to thrive in this type of work environment because they feel appreciated since there is mutual respect. The results of this will be better productivity, which will help to enhance the quality of your job performance. Having a good relationship with your manager and a great performance to mirror that can potentially lead to positive reviews, promotions, raises, or recommendations.

How Do I Manage Up?

Be caring and take the time to get to know your manager, building a real relationship. The better you get to know them, the more you will understand their communication style and the better you will be at anticipating their needs. Take initiative, ask questions, and offer to help out, while at the same time try to be as efficient as you can by working on your own without needing to be micromanaged. If they can see that you are competent and can handle yourself, then that will build trust and respect. Most importantly, try your best to communicate well with your manager. Express concerns, offer solutions, and work towards both of your strengths so that you can reach your goals. Are you an employer looking for the best talent? Check out our staffing services.

What Not to Do

It is important to be organic when you “Manage Up”. It is not about sucking up to your supervisor or telling them everything that you think they want to hear. Trust is an important part of building a quality relationship, and groveling is not a healthy way to build trust. You don’t want to be a “yes” person and agree to things you do not have time to complete, because in the end that will have a negative effect on productivity. On the other hand, “Managing Up” is also not about pointing out every fault or issue, as you don’t want to overstep your limits or come across as a complainer. It is about finding the balance of building trust enough to have open and honest communication, while still respecting boundaries and each of your positions in the manager-employee relationship.

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