Now vs. When

Shaun Enders

Now vs. When

How do you live in the now? It’s a question we all struggle with and if you are a busy professional, rarely are you able to live in the now for any length of time. I have come to realize that you don’t necessarily have to always live in the now, you simply must be happy with where you are at now.

This might seem difficult to understand at first glance but hear me out. Successful people have plans, we want more for ourselves and our families. Creating a plan or a vision and going for it, is what life is about. It doesn’t have to be material things either, it could be traveling the world or volunteering, but a plan none the less is healthy and encouraged.

The trap lies within the when

When I travel Europe, I will be relaxed, I will feel fulfilled, I will be…

When I volunteer, I will feel worthy, I will feel rewarded, I will feel…

When I buy that house, I will be successful, I will be happy, I will be…

Living in the now is appreciating the now. It means, make your plans and know that your now is exactly where you need to be on your journey to when. When you appreciate your now, you can’t help but to feel the moment. To appreciate what you have accomplished, to truly know that your struggles are building blocks meant to help you climb, to allow for opportunities to gain wisdom.

For several years I struggled with understanding how to both be content with the now and desire more for my future self. I spent many days appreciating moments but yearning for future growth both personally and professionally. I now realize, I can have both. I am allowed to be completely happy with the joys and failures of today, I am allowed to enjoy the journey of learning, falling down, getting up and some days crushing it.

Make a plan

I believe making a plan or creating a vision for yourself is so important for these very reasons. It’s important to spend the time to understand what you want to accomplish in the next 5-10 years and answer the question, who do you want to become.

When you finish this exercise, you give yourself permission to enjoy the now. It takes away the worry of today because you will know, good and bad, these unique moments you are experiencing are meant and designed just for you. Designed to help you learn and grow.

Don’t miss the now, the when will be here sooner than you realize, and it would be a shame to not be ready.

About the Author

Shaun Enders is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Transition Staffing Group located in San Diego. Shaun is extremely passionate about recruiting and developing others to bring out the best version of themselves.