Quick Change Artist

Shaun Enders

Do you ever feel like a “quick change artist” should be part of your job description as a manager?  We are in a new economy and the Age of Information.  The economy is shifting more toward services and knowledge based work.  Computers and technology have created an intense, worldwide competition for business.  Soon, competition for your job could come from practically anywhere on earth.  Careers just don’t develop the way they did ten years ago and that is no one’s fault.

The Age of Information doesn’t care about our opinions, feelings or fears.  The world rewards only those of us who catch onto what’s happening and invests energy into seizing the opportunities that will be brought about by change.

In order to take care of your own career and those individuals who work for you company, you need to manage perpetual motion.  Your organization needs to reshape, shift and flex to fit the rapidly changing world.  These are the only ways to flourish in a fiercely competitive economy.

You can expect flexible ways of working.  Duties and job descriptions being constantly realigned.  Short-lived assignments will become ordinary.  Change can be painful.  When it damages careers, emotions such as grief, anger and depression come naturally, making it hard for people to “buy in” and be productive.  Mobility makes you a valuable member of the management team that has continual interaction with employees.  Your goal should be rapid recovery and instant alignment to changes regardless of the impact on you personally.  Take personal responsibility for adapting to change just like you would if you were accepting a new job and watch how quickly your responsibilities grow within the organization.

Finding and retaining top talent through a changing environment is one of the greatest challenges Corporate America is facing today.  When you establish the reputation as a change agent, you will have a seat at the table for all Strategic Meetings because they will need and welcome your input!

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