Navigating Talent Shortage: Solutions to Acquire and Retain High-Quality Employees


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of the global workforce experienced varying levels of operational change. In many instances, working from home became the new norm — and still, as society slowly but surely returns to the pre-pandemic status quo, many employers find their employees steadfast in their desire to continue working remotely. Companies need great talent to drive workflow, hit goals, and sustain long-term growth. But what if your company is experiencing a drought in talent? Well, you’re not alone.

Transition Staffing Group offers trusted and robust professional staffing services designed not only to help your business find top-tier employees, but to invest in them for the long-haul.

What If I’m Struggling to Recover After Budget Cuts?

Again, countless domestic and international companies currently face challenges pivoting and re-scaling their operations after a dynamic and unexpected crisis. You’re seeking to reacquire talent with minimal time spent retraining, but that’s a major challenge when your talent pool is tapped dry and your budget is slowly recovering. Perusing the ideal people for your business is a time and resource-consuming feat in itself. However, by working with recruitment experts like us — and embracing the idea of remote recruitment — you’ll find yourself in the position of other successful companies who’ve stayed agile and done the same.

Opening Permanent Remote Work Positions

When an open position is advertised as onsite or in-person only, you’re limiting the potential talent pool by diverting talent who are exclusively seeking remote work opportunities.

With our expertise, we’ve seen more and more companies employ a true permanent remote recruitment strategy; with this strategy, they’ve enjoyed more hiring success.

TSG helps connect employers with Vytal, the on-demand software for searching for fully vetted and pre-interviewed candidates for technical positions. Where there’s a local talent shortage in your industry, we’ll help expand your talent pool to find the right people for the right job.

The Talent You Need Is Out There

Since last spring, we’ve seen demonstrated success in remote work models for countless industries, including success in hiring and retention. Let us help you become the next success story! Contact TSG today to learn more about Vytal and help fill open positions with qualified candidates.